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The Spanish classical guitar
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New dealer in USA - Canada - Mexico

Francisco Bros LLC.
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New guitar Inti CardosoNew beautiful and custom guitar made for Inti Cardoso, cuban musician. click on the image for acces ( spanish )



Jesus Solano New big range of new concept Guitars developed by Jesus Solano

New spanish guitar B70

New guitar " La Dama " (spanish)

New Tres Cubano or The Cuban Tres (spanish)

New flamenco Guitar Soleá special

"Enjoy discovering yourself the authentic sound of the Spanish guitar."

Guitars "Francisco Bros", offer a wide range of models to meet the needs and possibilities of almost any Guitarists.

The purest of craftsmanship has been combined with the latest technological innovations to create a guitar of truly out-standing quality.Francisco Bross guitars use a combination of the most effective and most used woods in the building of their classical and flamenco guitars.

spanish guitarsThe lowest tones, as well as the highest, are well balanced thanks to a pine or cedar sound board (in all models except B5) and a perfectly sized rosette. The body, of great quality, is even better in our superior models as we use Indian lignum vitae for the back and ribs.

The Guitarists will find the neck and diapason gentle to the touch and comfortable to play. We use a lovely varnish of polyurethane to give the guitar a unified, harmonious sound. The Francisco Bross anagram decorating the headstock, the label inside the body, as well as the distinctive label of the "Guild of Craftsmen of the Spanish master guitar", all certify its origin and guarantee that the guitar has been built in the traditional, Spanish way.

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