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Kai Heumann
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Spanish Guitar Francisco Bros model "Kai Heumann "

Tapa: Pino AbetoAleman o Cedro
Cuerpo: Palosanto India Macizo Cuerpo 4 cm mas ancho.
Diapason: Ebano Normal (19 Trastes) o “Supervirtuoso”: extendido hasta el 29 Traste! (La ´´´) de 65 o 64 cm
Mango: Cedro honduras Systema Midi de RMC:

Kai Heumann´s Comment:

The Idea of this Guitar started a long time ago: I always wished I had a bigger Spanish Guitar - this way my Hand would stay right above the strings in a very economic and relaxed manner. As a matter of fact it would give the Guitar more Volume and Dynamics.
Then I wanted to have more tones on the higher part of the Fretboard, so I invented the "Supervirtuoso Fretboard" It has got 29 Frets instead of the traditional 19 Fretboard and goes up to a´´! I play a variety of Styles, like nearly all Kind of Latin styles, Jazz, Classic and so on - so I wanted a guitar that fits it all - including Flamenco.
The sound that I had on mind was a "Flamenca Negra" like Paco de Lucia plays, but with a bigger and more "woody" tone, with more volume, so I decided for on a thin wax application instead of lacquer which dampens the tone. With Francisco Bros we made my Dreamguitar! It is very playable and has a fast Response It is a light Guitar with a big Body.

guitarras Kei Heumann guitarras bros  

The top is very thin, This gives me a really big Tone with so much volume, that even when I play with Kai Heumann´s Proyecto Guitarra Latina with Percusion, Guitarras, Bajo, Piano, Bandoneon and Acordeon I don´t have to amplify the Guitar!!! Like my Friend Jorge Oliva -the great Singer and Percussionist say : "This Guitar is a Grand Piano!" With Kai Heumann´s Gran Show Latino with our Program "La Guitarra" we play with 15 Musicians and Dancers.

Therefore I need a Guitar with a very good soundsystem - with the best Pickup-System available for a really natural Sound, which won´t feedback and I´ll be able to move on Stage! Now I´m very happy with the CP-1 High End constructed by Carlos Juan - the great Technician who works for the Guitar-Superstars like Eric Clapton, Larry Corryell, Pat Metheny, Vicente Amigo, - to mention only a few on the impressive List which play with the Carlos Juans Pickupsystem CP-1.

Now the Guitar sounds totally natural, this is what I always searched for. It seems very simple, but is the most difficult Thing and this man got it! This is the best Pickup I heard on my whole Career. Carlos got astound hearing the acoustic sound of the "Guitarra Spanish Guitar Francisco Bros modelo Kai Heumann" and congratulated me for the "incredible Sound and Volume" of this Guitar