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Luthiers Guitars

If you were curious to see what our finished products look like, here are some examples of our work. These are all pieces that were made custom to players' specifications and are just a taste of what we have done .We are always happy to build instruments to our customers specifications, and we find that people enjoy their instruments more if they are specifically tailor-made for them and them alone.

With that in mind we got more instuments not listed here, but these 4 pieces could be a litle view of our work. If you're into music while you're playing partypoker and are curious about the guitar, or you're actually already a musician, then by all means take a look and if you like what you see, get in touch. We love to work with new clients, and want to see them satisfied with their products.

glick on the guitar description Click on model to see our Luthier´s guitars details and photos .